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Putul By Humayun Ahmed

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Book Name: Putul By Humayun Ahmed
Book Category : Bangla Novel
Book Writer: Humayun Azad
Book Format:  PDF File (Portable Document Format)
Book Language: Bengali / Bangla
Book info: .73 Megabytes and 60 Pages
Book Courtesy:  Amarbooks & Google Drive / Online

Book Review:
Putul By Humayun Ahmed. Azad was born 28 in the village of Rarhikhal in Bikrampur, Munshiganj district on April, 1947. He studied in Bengali language and literature at the University of Dhaka. He received his doctor's degree in linguistics at the University of Edinburgh in 1976, then he was at the Bengali Language and Literature Department at the University of Dhaka. His first career produced works on the Bengali language, including syntax. He is considered one of the leading linguists of the Bengali language.
In the late 1980s, he began a newspaper dedicated to contemporary sociopolitical issues. Their comments continued in the 1990s and were later published in book form as multiplied. With his writings of the 90s, he established himself as a freethinker and appeared to be an agnostic. In his work, he criticizes openly religious extremism and Islam, the most important religion in Bangladesh.
In 1992, Azad published the first comprehensive feminist book in Bengali titled Naari (female). In close connection with the Second Sex of Simone de Beauvoir in its content and ideas, Naari has received positive reviews as a literary work and has gained popularity as an author Azad. In this work, Azad carefully compiled the feminist ideas of the West that underlie the feminist contributions of the subcontinent's socio-political reformers and drew attention to the anti-feminist attitude of some celebrated Bengali writers such as Rabindranath Tagore. The work, critical of the patriarchal and macho-chauvinistic attitude of religion towards women, drew a negative reaction from conservatives. The government of Bangladesh has won the book in 1995. The prohibition finally ended in 2000 after a legal dispute was won in the High Court of the country.

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